Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Born this way video review - The free masonry and Illuminati symbolism inside

Lady Gaga, Illuminati whore has done it again!
As we expected, Lady Gaga made a new video for her new song Born This Way in a very predictable Illuminati way. The video is over 7 minutes long, and it has al the Free Masonry imagery in it. Starting from the triangle that represents the Free Masons symbol of a pyramid all the way to the new world order references. She even goes so far that they take the whole story into space. What a bunch of weirdness and mind poisoning.

However, you cannot get mind poisoned if you know what you are watching. Yes, the images, and references, along with the subtle audio messages have to go into you without you knowing it. Otherwise it's not really working. It's called subliminal messages, and it's part of a mind control they are trying to pull on you. With the emphasis on the word trying!

It's kind of a predictable. Her video Telephone was very long, with a very long intro. It tried to be funny, and even had a reference about her sexuality, and the rumours about her having a dick.
Well she doesn't care really. Just like Justin Bieber doesn't bother if they say he looks like a girl in prime time, most viewed Superbowl final commercial, or when they kill Justin Bieber in a CSI episode. Everything goes pretty bloody, gore, and brutal when they shoot through him, but since that's what the public wants, they give it to them. As long as they make money, and control you along the way.

The video starts with, a already mentioned triangle. The triangle is pink, which is also relevant. It has a story of a new world order that goes far across the borders of this planet and spreads over the universe. Kind of cocky, isn't it? ;) The imagery consists of a female reproductive organs. It also has a hidden pentagram blended into it if you observe closely. At the very beginning there is a unicorn. We see that motive in many old rock videos and covers. Lady Gaga is cuffed, as always, and hides nothing about her being a slave to a new world order agenda.

After the intro, they will try to make you believe it's all dancing and unusual art, just like in Lady Gaga's video Alejandro. But behind the vague perception you have, a call for sin, promiscuousness, and no ethics is hidden. Everyone is doing it with everyone is a message behind the dancing.

The Born this way video is also, of course filled with, one eye, the allseeingeye eye symbols whether Lady Gaga's fans like it or not.

However, if you watch the video with knowing all this, the only problem you might have is, your bad taste :D

We'll get to the audio part, or the song itself next time, so stay tuned.

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